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Comic book author and illustrator, born in Fort-de-France (Martinique), he lives in the Paris region.


graduate from schoolJohn Trubert  (higher school of graphic art) and former student of theiconograph, a narrative image education center and partner of the bd CESAN school (Centre for Specialized Education in Narrative Arts).


Competition :

- winner of the Raymond Leblanc international comic strip competition in 2007 with the comic “ Small Treaty of Happy Culture ”.


- winner of the Raymond Leblanc international comic strip competition in 2008 with the comic strip “ You ”.



- On the topic “ Dare, dare, because the possible is only a small step after the impossible ”, Collective exhibition (Brussels, Raymond Leblanc Institute, 2007-2008)

- On the topic “ Heroin ”, Collective exhibition (Brussels, Raymond Leblanc Institute, 2008-2009)

- “ Of stones and planks » Traveling exhibition on Martinican historical monuments (Martinique, 2014-2015)

-Small Treaty of Happy Culture(Raymond Leblanc Competition - 2007)

-You(Raymond Leblanc Competition – 2008)


-Le Zitata, Volume 1First step (Ibis Rouge Ed. – 2010 -suitable for theaterin June 2015 at the Artchipel (national stage of Guadeloupe)


-Of stones and planks- (Exhibition catalog - DAC Martinique - 2014)


-Le Zitata,Volume 2 -Flight (K. Editions La Jarre Collection - 2015)


-Heritage, Volume 1 (CaraïbEditions - 2016)


-Bissette elected Deputy (CaraïbEditions, screenplay by Christophe Cassiau-Haurie - 2016) 


-Heritage, Volume 2 (Caraïbeditions - 2017)

-Setou (Whisperies, screenplay by Eléna Sabatier - 2018)

-We(self-employed - 2020)

Participation in events:
- Book Fair 2011 to 2016
- Paris Fair 2011
- Book and Youth Press Fair 2011
- Angouleme International Festival 2012
- Comic Strip Festival of Trinité (Martinique) 2013

- European Heritage Days  (Martinique) 2014 for the exhibition "Of stones and planks"

- Lé Zitata - the play, adapted by Magali Solignat and performed by the Comédie-Ballet troupe in June 2015 at the Artchipel, national scene of Guadeloupe

- Angoulême International Festival 2017

- Book Paris 2017

- Module drawn on New Caledonia as part of the referendum for self-determination, for France TV (1ère et Ô) 2018

- Drawn module on the contribution of the European Union overseas, in the context of the European elections, for France TV (1st and Ô) 2019

- Documentary on the Caribbean maritime heritage, for France TV (1st, 3rd and Ô) 2020

- Illustration of the podcast: "Slavery, a crime against humanity: 20 years of the Taubira Law", for Pop'Media, 2021


Comic conferences:

- with high school students from the Assomption high school in Bondy (France) - SLPJ 2011

- with American students from the University of Michigan - 2013

- with high school students from the Gerville Réache high school in Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe) - 2015

- with the staff of the "Book" section of the DAC Martinique -2016

- with middle school students from Franz Fanon College (Martinique) - 2016

- with inmates of Ducos prison (Martinique) - 2016

Coming :

-oliver, children's book, screenplay by Elena Sabatier

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